marty_park_2-circle2Marty has grown and improved every business he’s put his hands on. As an entrepreneur Marty has founded 11 companies and still operates 5 of them today. These companies are across industries from software to restaurants to audio production to coaching and training. He knows the strains of business and entrepreneurship but he thrives on the challenge.

Marty started his career as an entrepreneur at age 20. When friends were trying to get a job, Marty was trying to make payroll and expand a company. Being everything from the office weekend cleaner to the President of a company has given Marty great perspective on building a great company but more importantly on building a great life.



Businesses Owned – 12
Years Coaching – 11
Years as an Entrepreneur – 20
Businesses coached and trained – 517
Hours coaching, advising, improving people and growing companies – 20254

Learn more about Marty including a video of his coaching style on his profile page here.

This all day conference is on Wednesday March 29th in Olds AB.

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