Dwayne Holland has been building brands for 25 years, working with both small businesses and large organizations to help position them in an overcrowded marketplace.

Over the years he has seen so many entrepreneurs struggle to standout and succeed, and despite all their hard work,  they often lose vision of who they are, what they offer or how to clearly communicate to their customers.

They need to reconnect with the core of their brand.

Three generations of entrepreneurial heritage has given Dwayne valuable insight into what it takes to win in the marketplace. From agriculture to retail, his roots have influenced his own story and he’s learned that your brand starts at the heart of who you are.

Using a strategic process and a down to earth approach Dwayne helps entrepreneurs find the clarity and confidence they need to succeed.


Join Dwayne for his Breakout Session:  Positioned for Growth

“You’ve been in business for a while, have experienced some success and you’re now considering taking your venture to the next level. How is your current business positioned in the marketplace? Does your brand reflect a small start-up or a company poised for growth? Your brand is much more than a logo and advertising, your brand is a strategic foundation from which you can grow your business. If it’s not well planned, clear and confident you will risk moving forward with success. Are you ready?”

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