As a leading Central Alberta Organizational Development Specialist, Catapult’s Danielle Klooster delivers planning and other professional services in community development, economic development, and business development. Danielle provides high impact, meaningful organizational capacity-building services and solutions to businesses, organizations and municipalities.

As a communications and strategic management specialist and former municipal councillor and provincial candidate, Danielle has a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to the business table, which helps new businesses get the big picture and then boil it down to meaningful, actionable plans.

Danielle joined Catapult Entrepreneurs, a central Alberta business incubator, as the Senior Business Development Advisor, when the program began, in April of 2017. She is excited to support entrepreneurial success and sustainability in the incubator, to launch new businesses into the market and foster regional economic growth.


Join Danielle for the Breakout Session Entrepreneur 101

Learn the basics of starting a small business from the ground up. Danielle will show you how to navigate the unfamiliar waters of business start-up, from how to keep on top of finances to defining your ideal customers.

“Catapult Entrepreneurs is ready to help businesses grow in Central Alberta. Give your business a kick-start and get empowered to reach the market faster!”

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