Danielle Klooster, Organizational Development Specialist

As a leading Central Alberta Organizational Development Specialist, Catapult’s Danielle Klooster delivers planning and other professional services in community development, economic development, and business development. Danielle provides high impact, meaningful organizational capacity-building services and solutions to businesses, organizations and municipalities.

As a communications and strategic management specialist and former municipal councillor and provincial candidate, Danielle has a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to the business table, which helps new businesses get the big picture and then boil it down to meaningful, actionable plans.

Danielle joined Catapult Entrepreneurs, a central Alberta business incubator, as the Senior Business Development Advisor, when the program began, in April of 2017. She is excited to support entrepreneurial success and sustainability in the incubator, to launch new businesses into the market and foster regional economic growth.


Join Danielle for the Breakout Session Entrepreneur 101

Learn the basics of starting a small business from the ground up. Danielle will show you how to navigate the unfamiliar waters of business start-up, from how to keep on top of finances to defining your ideal customers.

“Catapult Entrepreneurs is ready to help businesses grow in Central Alberta. Give your business a kick-start and get empowered to reach the market faster!”

Hannah Cree, Social Entrepreneurship Specialist, ATB Co-founder of CMNGD

Hannah Cree is the co-founder of CMNGD (COMMONGOOD) and a leading Alberta advocate for social enterprise and compassionate business innovation.

In her work, Hannah combines experience in entrepreneurship, finances and marketing with a passion for ending poverty and homelessness in Canada.


The Perfect Pitch

You sell your product/service, your company and yourself all the time. You are always telling your story.

The big question is: How effective is it?

Whether it’s on a big stage, to investors, the bank, your neighbor or a potential customer you are always “pitching”.

In this workshop you will learn:

-To communicate your story in under 1 minute
-To tailor your pitch to different audiences
-Hands on practice and practical feedback

Hannah will share her own story, the mistakes and common pitfalls, and how she tailored her pitch to raise money for her social impact business from the banks to private investors.

Plus all attendees will receive a sample pitch deck to create their own story.

Join us to perfect your pitch!

Dwayne Holland, Brand Builder and Business Director, Symbra

Dwayne Holland has been building brands for 25 years, working with both small businesses and large organizations to help position them in an overcrowded marketplace.

Over the years he has seen so many entrepreneurs struggle to standout and succeed, and despite all their hard work,  they often lose vision of who they are, what they offer or how to clearly communicate to their customers.

They need to reconnect with the core of their brand.

Three generations of entrepreneurial heritage has given Dwayne valuable insight into what it takes to win in the marketplace. From agriculture to retail, his roots have influenced his own story and he’s learned that your brand starts at the heart of who you are.

Using a strategic process and a down to earth approach Dwayne helps entrepreneurs find the clarity and confidence they need to succeed.


Join Dwayne for his Breakout Session:  Positioned for Growth

“You’ve been in business for a while, have experienced some success and you’re now considering taking your venture to the next level. How is your current business positioned in the marketplace? Does your brand reflect a small start-up or a company poised for growth? Your brand is much more than a logo and advertising, your brand is a strategic foundation from which you can grow your business. If it’s not well planned, clear and confident you will risk moving forward with success. Are you ready?”

Suzanne Ebelher, Director Client Services, Business Link

Suzanne leads the Client Services team at Business Link.  She brings experience from over 20 years in management consulting, working in the self-employment,  organizational, and people realms.

At Business Link, her goal is to lead her team to client service excellence and to ensure every aspiring Alberta entrepreneur learns of Business Link’s great service offerings. Suzanne is passionate about business and loves guiding entrepreneurs through the sometimes tumultuous journey of launch and growth.

Outside of office hours, Suzanne spends time volunteering at a local humane society, practising her amateur sommelier skills and seeking out a tee time to practice her swing.


Join Suzanne for her Breakout Session:  Show me the Money Financing Options for Small Business.

A session about everything financing for small business.

  • Financing options for small businesses looking for financing for a start-up, or a growing business
  • Learn about the difference between debt and equity, the truth about grants, what funders look for, alternate financing, and more…



Kim Orlesky, International Speaker and Leading Sales Coach

Kim Orlesky is one of the top sales leaders to follow.  Startup Canada’s Woman Entrepreneur, Success Magazine’s most inspirational blogger, and soon to be three-time author, Kim speaks internationally, including at North America’s largest entrepreneurial event, Inbound in 2017 & 2018, alongside Michelle Obama, Brené Brown, and Deepak Chopra.

In 2014 Kim courageously quit her life to backpack solo around the world. When she returned she turned her passion for sales into one of Canada’s fastest growing entrepreneurial sales schools. Today thousand’s have used Kim’s unique approach to the buyer/seller relationship to sell more faster.


Join Kim Orlesky’s  Breakout Session:  The 10 Most Powerful Questions You Should Ask in Every Sales Meeting

In 2010 it was predicted by Gartner Research that by 2016 89% of companies would compete entirely on their customer service. Those companies that are commanding the largest investments from their customers are no longer competing on the features and benefits of their product, but rather in the value created early on in the sales cycle. Value-based selling is entirely built around the questions we ask and not what we say. Learn the top 10 questions you should be asking in every client meeting and watch your revenues soar!

More powerful questions lead to more powerful answers. And powerful answers lead to premium service providers charging the premium rate.

Learn what the best questions you and your sales team should be asking in every sales meeting to ensure you are positioning yourself as the top level brand.

– Never again be engaged with a prospect that doesn’t have enough budget

– No more “thanks for this proposal, we’ll let you know when we’re ready to move forward”

– More “Can we get started today”?

– and much more, “we’re ready to get started now!”