Catapult Entrepreneurs

Take your great ideas to new heights!

Catapult Entrepreneurs business incubator and accelerator are here to help you launch your business in Central Alberta. Give your business a kick-start to reach the market faster!

Catapult Programs are designed for entrepreneurs who have a new business or innovation and want help developing their idea.

As an incubated entrepreneur with Catapult Entrepreneurs, you get:

  • Access to a team of people with knowledge and expertise, all focused on your business success
  • Access to a professional, collaborative work space, with mail and phone service
  • A customized program, with learning and training opportunities, planning tools, coaching and guidance, and support to access government funding vouchers
  • An opportunity to establish strong foundations and building blocks for our business, giving you a competitive advantage and reducing your risk

Our Initial Discovery Program is open to anyone who need a little help and training – whatever stage their business is at.

Check out courses, events and more at our website.

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