The Olds & District Chamber of Commerce serves our members and works to improve the business, economic, and social communities of Olds and the surrounding area. We host numerous events throughout the year including:

  • Member 2 Member Shop Local Shop Olds
  • Olds Community Events Calendar
  • Olds Fashioned Christmas Calendar of Events

The Olds & District Chamber of Commerce is an Essential Member of the Olds Institute.

Our Vision Statement defines the optimal desired future state, the mental picture, of what the Chamber of Commerce wants to achieve over time.
To see our vibrant community continue to grow and prosper.

The Chamber's Mission statement defines the purpose of our organization, answering what we do, who we do it for, and how we do what we do.
The mission of the Olds and District Chamber of Commerce is to foster a positive business environment by providing services, advocacy and leadership to our members.

The Chamber's Goal Statements are a living document and are updated on a continual basis. Please click here to read the Chamber's Goals in detail.
“We Build Our Community by Building Business”

  • Relay business perspectives to & from all levels of government
  • To foster an environment that encourages business investment within Olds and area
  • Promote the entrepreneurial spirit and opportunities within the town and to promote the free enterprise system
  • Promote Integrity, Harmony & Goodwill in our community
  • Promote networking in our community within Olds and district, provincially, nationally and internationally
  • Promote and support social and cultural activities and programs in Olds and district
  • Encourage/Solicit membership

Facebook: @OldsChamberOfCommerce
Twitter: @oldschamber