Nikolas Badminton is a world-respected researcher, futurist, author, and teacher with over 20 years of research, writing, speaking, and technology implementation experience. Nikolas thinks about how society adopts exponential technologies and changes how we operate in the world and writes insightful and challenging articles that aim to open people’s minds to the opportunities that lay in front of us.Nikolas Badminton is a British-born Canadian futurist researcher, speaker and event organizer based out of Vancouver.

Badminton is a regular guest contributor to technology and business-focused media including Forbes, BBC, CBC, CTV, the Huffington Post, TechCrunch, TechVibes, VentureBeat, BetaKit, Vice Media, and

In March, 2016, he published a combined research study with Nick Black at Intensions Consulting that found ‘a quarter of Canadian adults believe a computer program would be more trustworthy and ethical than their boss’.

In 2016, Badminton produced the YVR 2037 Master Plan commissioned by Vancouver International Airport to engage the community about the airport’s future plans and technology.

Badminton produces his own tech events and futurist conferences, including Cyborg Camp YVR in 2013, From Now and DARK FUTURES.


Visit Nik’s website here.

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